About Us

Developing websites admired by many and copied by many...

Design by Ewa studio, specializes in Dog and Cat breeder web design, developing unique custom designed web sites that are fast loading, easy-to read and professionally designed by an Artist.
We always strive to create websites that look and function to the highest standards.
Not only will we do this, but we will also only charge a fraction of the amount that you might expect to pay, our prices for the quality of work that we do are hugely competitive.
Since 1992 we have been successfully exhibiting and breeding Bulldogs, our experience in the dog world as a breeder and show dogs owner brings a large understanding to the animal related web sites which we create with passion.
With pride we would like to refer to our Testimonial page where some of our clients state that we "understand dogs" and know what is required to make a Breeder website work to the Breeder's best advantage!
The chief designer Ewa has an extensive Art School background with many years of training in formal art and techniques, as well as substantial computer and web design knowledge.
She specializes in eye-catching, high quality web and graphic design. She has created numerous web sites for Top Show kennels and responsible domestic and International breeders as well as many custom graphics.
Search Engine optimisation -we will endeavour to get the web-site that we have designed for you the best positioning on any search engine. Our designed websites consistently hit the top of any internet search.
We create the most stylish and best design website - and we ensure that people can find your web-site quickly and easily-we know how important this is to our clients.
Join Design by Ewa client's circle and we will create a eye catching website for you, after listening to your own ideas as well as providing our highly creative design input, creating a site that you are happy with and that we believe works for you.
Our Studio is a Member of The UK Web Design Association.